Galaxy Fan Class will inform you smartly

Samsung Electronics is operating the ‘ Galaxy Fan Class ‘, which provides a variety of programs ranging from how to use the latest products such as ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’ and ‘Galaxy S21’ to customized training by the subject that reflects the lifestyle of customers.

The Galaxy Fan class was designed with the intent to evolve the store from the concept of a simple product purchase space to a space that continuously communicates with customers and provides various brand experiences.

The Galaxy Fan class has been held since the end of March at 62 Galaxy studios across the country in Samsung Digital Plaza.

In addition to ‘How to Use the Galaxy Zin’, where you can learn the innovative features of the latest products such as ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’, ‘Galaxy Z Flip’ and’Galaxy S21′, an educational program on the value and role of Samsung Digital Plaza, which has become a landmark in each region. It was reflected in the organization.

  • Creating a study environment for contributors.
  • How to record a self-wedding
  • The secret of a life shot of Daengnyang
  • Specialized programs such as phone customization at your own pace are getting hot responses from the beginning of the operation.

A customer who took the’Dengnyang’s Life Shot Secret’ class at the Samsung Digital Plaza’s Yeonsu Songdo branch said, “The photos always shook because the dog is active. It was really helpful,” he said, saying, “I visited Samsung Digital Plaza only when purchasing a product, but I would like to hear about it more often in the future, so I want to learn more about how to use it.”

For details and reservations to attend the Galaxy Fan class, please visit the Samsung Electronics website.

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