Galaxy S20 FE update: April update arrives on the Galaxy S20 FE (4G first)

Another device is now getting the April update: Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE 4G. The SM-G780F to be precise. It is the first in the Galaxy S20 series to receive the new security patch.

Galaxy S20 FE update April 2021

Okay, look. The Galaxy S20 series is now cozy chaos in the field of updates. The first three models – S20, S20 +, S20 Ultra – still follow a common path, more or less. But since the arrival of the Galaxy S20 FE, the number of paths has increased to three. The S20 FE 4G and S20 FE 5G happily do their own thing – not hindered by their corresponding naming.

For example, the Galaxy S20 FE 4G did not yet receive the camera update that was recently rolled out on the other models. Today the S20 FE 4G also gets a new update. The just under 170MB package (G780F installs the one thing that the other S20 models don’t have yet: the April security patch.

We do not yet know what this patch does, because Samsung has not yet announced any details. Curiously, the changelog also lacks any hint to new camera functions. And indeed, that is no coincidence.

They are not there yet. Undoubtedly, they will also come to the S20 FE 4G later this month, just as with its 5G brother. And vice versa, the latter will soon receive the new security patch.

Galaxy S20 FE update Availability

The update is now OTA available on the Galaxy S20 FE 4G. This applies directly to all device versions in the Netherlands and Belgium, branded and unbranded.

You will automatically receive a message that the update is ready, or you can check the availability directly via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install .

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