Get Rid of CAPTCHA: New Website Protection System from Cloudflare

Cloudflare, a provider of DNS and DDoS protection systems, has introduced a Cryptographic Certificate of Identity – Cryptographic Attestation of Personality. This is a key-lock system that allows you to get rid of annoying distorted images. But to use the CAP, you will need a USB key from the list of supported ones.

What is it?

The main task of the CAPTCHA is to confirm that the site or application is used by a person, which is why the selection of certain images or the input of data from a distorted image was invented. But Cloudflare decided to go the other way: they made software that creates a unique encrypted key that the user will store on their encrypted USB drive.

How to work with it?

The user only needs to click one button and select their key. The system itself will match the keys and let the user pass on. Now the company is working on expanding the list of keys, including not excluding the use of smartphones.

Source: Cloudflare

Photograph: Depositphotos

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