Gionee Official Website Shut down in China

Gionee Official Website Shut down in China: On April 9th, the official website of Gionee Mobile has been inaccessible.

Baidu searched for the words “Gionee Mobile Phone”. Under the terms of the search results, there will be Baidu reminder: “This page may not be accessible due to site replacement URL or service instability!”

Relevant information shows that Gionee was established on September 16, 2002, and the founder is Liu Lirong, chairman of Jinli Group. At that time, Andy Lau once endorsed the Jinli mobile phone, and the slogan of “gold quality and the world” is familiar.

In addition to Andy Lau, Gionee Mobile also invited many small coffee endorsements such as Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan, Yu Wenle, Xue Zhiqian, and Liu Tao. Moreover, Jin Li has also named many of the big-name entertainment programs such as “The Strongest Brain”, “Swordsman” and “Happy Comedy”.

However, behind the scenes of Gionee, some hidden worries gradually surfaced. Since 2018, Jinli Group has been exposed to a capital chain crisis. The report said that the fuse that Gionee fell down was Liu Lirong’s gambling, which accelerated the break of the capital chain and the speed of bankruptcy.

Liu Lirong said in an interview that the direct cause of Jin Li’s deep crisis is the break of the capital chain. The fundamental reason is that the company has been losing money for a long time.

On December 17, 2018, the court officially ruled that the Jinli Group went bankrupt, and a generation of domestic giants went to the end.

Source: MyDrivers

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