Google Accidentally leaked Nest Hub Max, a 10-inch smart display with a camera

Google “accidentally” leaked information about a surprise product called Nest Hub Max. Images posted on the search giant’s online store reveals some key aspects of this product. The images have already been taken by Google, but once something is discovered on the Internet, there is no way back.

Luckily, the guys from AndroidPolice managed to take their screenshots before the search giant fixed their bug.

Google Accidentally leaks Nest Hub Max Google Accidentally leaks Nest Hub Max

These screens will show that the Nest Hub Max will be equipped with a 10-inch HD display, as well as sports stereo speakers. The device will also count with the built-in Nest Cam for motion and sound alerts, and you’ll be able to video conference with friends and family via Google Duo.

Unfortunately, there were no real photos of Nest Hub Max on the site, so at least for now, it is impossible to determine the design and appearance of the product. However, if this particular device does exist and Google is going to launch it sometime this year, we’ll soon know the final look of the 10-inch device.

The new device will largely complement Google’s IOT portfolio to keep it competitive with other companies operating in this segment, such as Amazon.

Source: AndroidPolice

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