Google Chrome Dark Mode for Android with the latest update

With the latest update 74.0.3729.112 on the stable channel, Much-awaited Google Chrome Dark Mode for Android has finally arrived.

How to do that?

To try the dark mode, paste “chrome://flags/#enable-android-night-mode” in the address bar of the Chrome browser, tap the highlighted dropdown menu under the “Android Chrome UI dark mode” menu, set it to “Enabled” from the list and then relaunch your Chrome browser.

Once you finish doing that, head over to Chrome’s Setting > Dark Mode menu and turn it on. The mode also activates automatically, if your device is set to dark mode.

What’s more?

This update also adds “Translate…” Shortcut in the menu which can be used to quickly translate a web page to preferred languaged. However, it’s only visible when chrome detects a web page of a different language than the default language of the device.

Make sure to update the Chrome to the latest version by updating it from the play store, if you don’t see the new change in any case.

Source: GoogleBog, GSMArena

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