Google introduced the “smart” glasses Glass Enterprise Edition 2: now on Android and cheaper

Google smart glasses: Google has introduced a new version of its augmented reality glasses  Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Compared with the previous generation, they have become even more productive and even cheaper.    

What improved?

Outwardly, the smart glasses remained the same, only their design was strengthened. This was the business of Smith Optics.

Google smart glasses

Inside the chip is installed which is positioned by the developer as the world’s first extended reality platform, which is positioned by the developer as the world’s first extended reality platform. Thanks to the new processor, it was possible to increase productivity and autonomy. According to Google, the new glasses provide computer vision and advanced machine learning.

There is also an 8-megapixel camera with enhanced shooting quality for streaming video, an 820  mAh battery and a  USB Type-C port. In addition, the new model works on  Android with support for Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management.

Google smart glasses


Despite a  number of improvements, Glass Enterprise Edition 2 costs $  500  less  $ 999. True, they are designed for business, so they will not appear in stores, but will be intended for the corporate segment.

Source: Google

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