Google is already working on a new feature for Android R

Google Android R: Google has only recently introduced the tenth version of the Android operating system, which is still in beta but has already announced the Android R feature, which will follow after Android 10 Q.

New old function

This is the ability to create a screenshot of the entire page,  not the part that is displayed on the screen.

By the way, this possibility has long been on smartphones from other manufacturers (Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, etc.). Users of the pixels also asked  Google about this, but company representatives said that it was impossible to do this.

Now, Google’s vice president, who oversees the development of the Android operating system, Dave Burke, called the ability to make long screenshots a good idea.

“We’ve added scrollable screenshots to the hopper for Android R and hopefully can land it in that release”  Dave Burke said.

True, the eleventh version of Android will be released only in  2020.

Source: Twitter

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