Google is working on ultra-broadband connectivity, already possible on Pixel 6

Google would be working to introduce ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity within its smartphones, probably starting with the upcoming Pixel 6 family . Over the last year, the ultra-wideband technology has become one of the features most chats and interesting for smartphones and smart home devices.

For example in the Apple ecosystem , the iPhone 12 uses the UWB to connect to a HomePod Mini simply by bringing the phone close to it or to precisely locate the AirTags . Also Samsung is using the UWB for its SmartTags , as well as allowing the phone to function as a car key for supported vehicles.

Given the growing popularity, it is surely only a matter of time before ultra-wideband technology is made available on all flagship smartphones . According to xda’s Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, Google is also working to bring UWB support to the next smartphone codenamed “Raven”, which is believed to be part of the Pixel 6 family of phones along with “Oriole”.

More information comes from the documentation that 9to5Google has had the opportunity to view, which would confirm the fact that Google is working to introduce the UWB hardware developed by Qorvo on its device.

It is not yet known how the Mountain View company intends to use this technology, but it is supposed to integrate with the next Nest devices . The only clues we have are found between the lines of Android 12 code , which is concerned with determining how far two UWB devices are from each other and at what angle the two are approached. For now, these UWB features will beonly available for system applications , and not for other Android developers.

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