Google Photos web version now supports Google Lens

Google continues to add Google Lens to its branded services.

What is known?

The technology has been in Google Search for a long time, as well as in many Google applications on Android and iOS, and now it has also been integrated into the web version of Google Photos. The technology works automatically. When you open a photo, the algorithm recognizes the text in the photo and offers to copy it. Unfortunately, text translation and object recognition are not yet available in the web version.

  • Google Photos web version 1
  • Google Photos web version 2
  • Google Photos web version 3
  • Google Photos web version 4

When to expect?

Google Lens support for PC is added server-side. In the near future, the innovation will appear for all users.

If you did not know

Google Lens technology was announced at the Google I/O 2017 conference. Initially, it was exclusive to Pixel smartphones, but then it began to be added to third-party devices as well. With Google Lens, you can determine what is in front of you by simply “aiming” the camera at an object or animal. Also, the technology can detect landmarks, music albums, books, colors, shades, and also translate text, and much more.

Source: 9to5Google

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