Google Pixel 5a cancelled: mid-range smartphone has been cancelled

A few weeks ago, the news emerged that Google would be developing yet another mid-range smartphone, the Google Pixel 5a. However, we now know that this equipment has been canceled.

The news was initially put forward by Jon Prosser, even stating that the decision would have been taken this morning. Now, the Android Central portal confirms the cancellation of the Google Pixel 5a.

Shortages of components dictated the abandonment of the Google Pixel 5a

The current world conjecture contributed actively to this outcome. The scarcity of components is an unfortunate reality in the market for smartphones, graphics cards, and many other sectors linked to the technology market.

The Google Pixel 5a has not escaped this adversity, having made the mid-range smartphone never even be presented. Note that the presentation of the Pixel 5a was expected in May, during the Google I/O conference.

Google will focus on Pixel 4a continuity

With the disappearance of Pixel 5a from its plans, Google will channel its team’s efforts into Pixel 4a. The same will happen with the Pixel 4a 5G, and both devices will continue to be sold throughout 2021.

From what was speculated, the Pixel 5a would not differ much from what is the Pixel 4a 5G. It would be a mid-range with a screen only interrupted by a punch hole, dual rear camera, and a capacitive fingerprint sensor also on the rear.

It was not very clear how Google would differentiate these devices for the intermediate market. So, perhaps the decision to cancel the Pixel 5a was the best course of action, exponentiated by the lack of components.

It is said that Google Pixel 6 will debut a processor entirely developed by the technology and this may also have had a lot of influence on this decision. Due to the lack of raw materials, the priority certainly fell on its next top of the range.

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