Google Pixel Fold price leak!

Google Pixel Notepad will be less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and will have limited availability at launch.

Although not every company is persuaded by the notion of foldable phones, the demand for the form factor is rising rapidly, and there is a mounting indication that Google is ready to enter the market.

According to a recent claim, Google’s first foldable phone would be dubbed the “Pixel Notepad” and will be relatively inexpensive.

Google was reportedly on the verge of abandoning its first bending smartphone in November, fearful that it would fail to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z foldable phones, which are now the market leader.

Despite the fact that Google has not acknowledged or refuted any of these reports, work appears to be ongoing.

The foldable Pixel may appear more like the Oppo Find N than the Galaxy Fold, according to animations found in the second beta version of Android 12L, which is designed for large-screen devices like foldable and tablets. As a result, we may expect a device with a squarish aspect ratio.

9to5Google has learned from a reliable source that the company was contemplating the name “Logbook” for its foldable phone, but has now opted to label it “Notepad.”

The gadget is expected to be less expensive than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which costs $1,799. Foldable phones have specialized parts and are more difficult to produce, so it’s difficult to see how Google will pull this off.

The first Galaxy Fold, which was released in 2019, cost $1,980, so it’s safe to infer that Samsung is now producing at a scale that allows it to minimize expenses and pass those savings on to customers in the shape of a lower price.

The Pixel 6 is likewise reasonably priced, but it has drawn criticism for its unstable software.

If Google wants the Pixel Notepad to compete with Samsung, which manufactures the most popular foldable phones right now, it needs to improve in this area.

The Pixel Notepad is said to be powered by the same Tensor processor as the flagship Pixel 6, however, it will retain the Pixel 5’s back camera setup.

According to the article, the gadget will first be sold in the United States, and it may take some time before it is offered in other regions. There is yet to be an announcement on a date.

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