Google Pixel Notepad Foldable Phone Price is High

Google is working on a foldable smartphone. There are now indications that these ideas are becoming more definite.The developers have already settled on a name, and the pricing appears to be set, that is surprisingly high.

According to a 9to5Mac report, Google’s development group has settled on a moniker for the new product that also reflects its intended role. As a result, the device will be known as the “Pixel Notepad” by Google.

The following are some conceivable outcomes from this name: With a name like this, a book design based on the Samsung model with stylus compatibility seems probable.

Foldable smartphones have been around for a long time, and Android has long been tailored to the demands of devices with flexible displays.

What’s missing from this picture? The Google-branded pixel hardware, which makes the best use of these features and serves as a standard for other manufacturers.

The device, which has traditionally been known to as the Pixel Fold, is now displaying clear signs of life.

Google Pixel Notepad Foldable Phone Price

Let’s go on to another aspect of the Pixel Notepad where Google might make it a true role model: The Price.

The company is alleged to be aiming to increase the suggested price by around $1400 US dollars. Of course, that is still a lot of money for a regular smartphone, but in the world of folding smartphones, it is unquestionably a compelling offer.

As an example: The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was released with a suggested price of $1799.99 USD, which is $400 USD more costly than the previous model. Nevertheless, a few months after its launch, it settled at around $1199 USD on the open market.

Google Pixel Notepad Foldable Phone Specifications

The following are some technical specifications regarding the hardware: The device is powered by Google’s own Tensor processor; it’s unclear whether this will be changed.

Furthermore, the shape should resemble that of the Oppo Find N, which is substantially shorter and broader than Samsung’s Z-Fold devices.

The 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor from the Pixel 6 will not be used. Instead, the primary 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor from the Pixel 3-5a will be used, as it is slimmer than the Pixel 6’s.

An ultra-wide 12MP IMX386 sensor will be added to the mix. The Notepad’s camera complement is believed to be completed with a pair of 8MP IMX355s for selfies.

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Image Credit: 9to5google

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