Google Pixel Watch: pictures and rumors – it expected to launch in 2021

There are actually new rumors now about a Google Pixel Watch. Although the group officially “canceled” the project in 2018, information is now emerging on the “Rohan” watch project, which has been continued since then.

This is reported by the well-known leaker Jon Prosser. As usual, he does not disclose his sources but confirms that the new details about the Google Pixel Watch were brought to him from internal circles.

In his new video on YouTube, Prosser explains that based on all of these details that he has received about the Pixel Watch, he has commissioned renderings that are supposed to give an impression of the Pixel Watch.

Prosser explains that, in his opinion, the Pixel Watch is the most exciting thing that has been on the market for a long time. According to Prosser, the Google Pixel Watch should start in autumn 2021, which should then be the targeted launch date for the USA.

The renderings have been reproduced by RendersByIan aka Ian Zelbo based on all the information Jon Prosser has received.

Google Pixel Watch Pics

  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045811-0-6
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045827-0-10
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045845-0-10
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045865-0-10
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045882-0-10
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045900-0-10
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045918-0-10
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045937-0-10
  • Google-Pixel-Watch-1618045954-0-10
  • Google Pixel Watch

To the background

Google completed the takeover of Fitbit, the well-known provider of fitness trackers and other wearables and accessories, in early 2021. Since then, more and more attention has been paid to when Google will introduce new devices that were “inspired” by the takeover.

Finally, the reference to the aforementioned video, in which Jon Prosser summarizes all the rumors about the Pixel Watch. There is really nothing new to learn – apart from the pictures of the watch and the rumor about the launch date this year.

In addition, one has to consider that there have not yet been any new signals from Google that the company really wants to release a smartwatch to match the Pixel smartphone series. At the moment, nothing can be checked about the rumors, so we have to wait.

What do you think of the Pixel Watch? Isn’t Google a little late to start with a watch or do you just think the decision is overdue? Discuss with us in the comments!

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