Google Play Store games on Windows are now available

The beta test phase for Google Play games on Windows has officially begun. However, for the time being, cross-play is only available to users in a few locations.

Google hasn’t stated much about how it expects to implement cross-play compatibility, other than that it would necessitate the installation of a Google-created app on a user’s PC. Nevertheless, people who have been able to test it out say that this isn’t the case.

For certain users, a “Download on Windows” button appears on the desktop version of Google Play, and selecting it downloads a Windows executable file(.exe).

In any scenario, possibilities are of that you may not have that extra button on the Google Play store because the initial test deployment is said to be confined to South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, though users outside of those areas claim they could try it out as well.

So it’s a little hazy right now, but the development process appears to be progressing quickly, and you’ll soon be able to play your favourite Android games on your PC as well.

Google has previously asked that game creators optimize their games so that they can be played using a keyboard and mouse rather than solely touch gestures.

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