Google to release 5G smartphone Pixel 5A at the end of the year

Google to release 5G smartphone Pixel 5A at the end of the year, Limited pre-release in the US and Japan amid semiconductor shortage.

Google mentioned that it will follow the Pixel 4A schedule announced in August last year regarding the launch schedule of ‘Pixel 5A 5G‘.

On the 2nd (US time), Google refuted media reports that the Pixel 5A would not be released amid a shortage of global semiconductor supply.

Google said, “Last year, we will release new products in line with the Pixel 4A schedule,” he said.

The loss of Pixel 5A is expected to be a blow to Google, which has succeeded in its mid-tier lineup amid fierce competition in the premium smartphone market.

In fact, pixel sales have been sluggish for many years, but Google’s executives cited the need to compete in the high-end handset market dominated by Apple and Samsung as the cause of the downturn.

In 2021, most of the industries other than smartphone makers are experiencing semiconductor supply and demand problems due to the corona pandemic.

At the announcement of the launch of the Pixel 4A last year, Brian Rakowski, vice president of product management at Google, said, “Due to the corona pandemic, various problems occurred at once when developing the product.I had to send it to the factory, but because of the state blockade and restrictions on movement, it was impossible.”

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