Google tries to convince to switch to Google Pixel with … banana

To make its Pixel stand out, Google trolls Apple and compares the iPhone to a banana

Promotional videos for smartphone manufacturers have become a great way to go beyond and troll a competitor. PR specialists of various companies have been doing this for several years. With an application for creativity, Google released its ad, where it pricked Apple.

The video sends is to remind users how easy it is to transfer files from their old smartphone to the new Pixel. All that is needed is to synchronize them using a cable.

It would be logical for the company to show the very process of data transfer and use an old mobile phone for this. But Google advertisers decided to use a banana instead of a smartphone, which they connected to the Pixel background. It is clear that an exotic fruit means another company, whose name and logo refer to another fruit.

Interestingly, the oddities did not end there. The second part of the video is devoted to karate lessons and ends with a warning not to use the PIN code “1234” on your smartphone. Users are advised to use the fingerprint scanner to unlock their smartphones.

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