Google will update the design of its search in the mobile version

Google search update design: Google will make noticeable changes to the look of your search results to better highlight the source of each link. 

When and why?

Above the page, the title will appear an icon and the name of the website, which was previously displayed in a smaller font under each link. The design will change in the next few days and will first be available only for mobile devices in the browser and application.

Thanks to the updated design, the search will look more like a news feed, filled with messages on a specific topic from different publishers. The emphasis on the source of information makes a lot of sense, especially when there is a large amount of fake news.

Google search update design

Google also assumes that this change will lead to more informative search results pages. A new look will allow you to display more action buttons and useful information. Users, in turn, will be able to quickly determine which link is most useful to them.

Source: Google

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