Here’s, the New Xiaomi Logo

The Chinese technology company Xiaomi introduces its new logo. The logo was introduced at the launch of the Mi Mix Fold flagship cellphone, Tuesday (30/3/2021).

If you see, Xiaomi hasn’t overhauled much from the previous design. It’s just that, the shape of the logo, which was originally a square with an acute angle, has now turned into a squircle, aka a square with rounded corners.

Meanwhile, the font style for the inscription “MI” and the distinctive orange color is still the same as before. In his post on Twitter, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that this logo was made by a graphic designer from Japan, Kenya Hara. Lei Jun said that this logo exactly represents Xiaomi today.

In his presentation, Lei Jun asked quite rhetorically, whether Mi Fans were disappointed because the logo change was not too significant.

“Are you disappointed with this logo, that we only rounded off the edges of the original logo?” asked Lei Jun.

However, according to Lei Jun, these small changes have a big impact on the company side.

“(The new logo) also changes the internal spirit and mentality of our brand,” explained Lei Jun, as we summarized from The Verge, Wednesday (31/3/2021).

He continued, that the new Xiaomi logo can be described using a mathematical equation so that it took Xiaomi long enough to choose which logo is the right one.

Meanwhile, logo designer, Kenya Hara said that the new logo is a reflection of the concept of “life”.

In another post, Lei Jun said that according to his personal interpretation, the concept of “life” carried by the new Xiaomi logo, means that technology must exist to meet the needs of life.

“People live, therefore, technology as an invention must also live,” said Lei Jun.


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