Honor announced brand strategy

Honor declares product quality, great design, and decent cameras will become the standard for its products.

As you know, the Honor brand was sold to Huawei to save the “daughter”. The goal was to allow the sub-brand to continue to operate as an independent company, which should have had no problems purchasing components and installing Google services on smartphones.

But it looks like the plan never worked. Honor has still not received the go-ahead to install the GSM version of Android.

Regardless, Honor has ambitious plans. Recently, the CEO of the company published a post on his Weibo page, where he told about a new development strategy, which can be described as “New Honor – A new path.”

The company plans to continue releasing new items within the Magic lineup and such updates will occur annually. The series will continue to be an experimental and testing ground for new technologies.

The new flagships will not only be transformed externally but will also focus on cameras, primarily with regard to the development of new image processing algorithms. The plans are to offer an “aesthetic standard” and high-quality workmanship.

And, of course, the goal is to create your own ecosystem, which will include laptops, tablets, smart displays, and other smart gadgets. All of them will be able to interact with each other, increasing the comfort and convenience of working with them.

But all these are just declarative slogans and an attempt to remind oneself. So far, independent Honor has released two smartphones, the Honor V40 5G and the Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition, which weren’t particularly impressive and still didn’t offer Google services.

Let’s see what the company will end up with, whether its new products will become really strong proposals on the market, time will tell.

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