How to add emojis to Discord Server?

Express yourself with new emojis from Discord, Learn How to add emojis to Discord Server and Where to get custom images on Discord?

Discord is well-known for its use of customized emojis. If you’re not familiar, emojis are small images that function similarly to any other character you’d type into your keyboard.

Discord lets you access “server-based” emoticons that aren’t available on your smartphone’s emoji keyboard. Moreover, these emojis are only available on Discord’s desktop and mobile platforms.

You’ll need to know how to add emojis to Discord before you can get started.

How to add emojis to Discord Server?

Go to your Discord server to add emojis. Click the downward arrow at the top to open the drop-down menu, then select Server Settings > Emoji. Emoji can be uploaded by clicking the Upload Emoji button.

How does Discord emojis work?

The importance of Discord emojis cannot be overstated. Discord allows users to submit customized emojis to the servers they run or administer, unlike the normal emoticons seen on your Android or iOS keyboard.

Emojis are available in Discord’s emoji menu. This may be accessed by clicking the emoji-shaped button in the far right corner of the Message box.

What is the Difference between Standard emojis vs animated emojis?

Emojis are divided into two types: standard emojis and animated emojis.

Simply said, standard emojis are static pictures that have been submitted to a Discord server for the purpose of being used as emojis. When you move your cursor over them, they do not move.

You can use all of the basic emojis from a server as a free user on that server. In the “Going Quantum’s Sushi Shack” Discord server, for example, if you weren’t a paid Discord Nitro subscriber, you’d only be allowed to use the first 16 emojis. You wouldn’t be able to use any emojis from prior servers.

All of the emojis in the image above that are greyed out are “animated” emojis. GIF pictures that have been reduced down to icon size are known as animated emojis. When hovered over, they move.

Subscribers to Discord Nitro have unlimited access to animated emojis in Discord. They may even use emojis from those other servers in their own server or direct messaging thread.

Animated emojis on Discord Nitro

Subscribers to Discord Nitro get a slew of extra benefits. Animated emojis are possibly the most noticeable of these benefits in everyday use.

Because of how animated emojis are being used, Discord stands apart from many other social networking networks. They can be used in a variety of communications, such as announcements, rules, direct messages, etc.

Any GIF with a maximum size of 256kb on Discord can be converted into an animated emoji.

Emojis from other servers on Discord Nitro

If you have a Discord Nitro subscription, you can use any emoji from any server as long as even the server you’re on enables you to use External Emoji.
It is role access that you can enable or disable.

Discord Nitro subscribers that are members of your server can use your server’s emojis on other servers if you add a number of customized emojis to Discord.

How to add custom emojis to a Discord server on a Desktop?

  1. Go to a Discord server (that you own or moderate).
  2. Click the downward arrow (beside the server name).
  3. To Manage Emojis and Stickers (The role permission needed for moderator).
  4. Tap Server Settings (from the drop-down).
  5. Click Emoji, on the left side menu of the server.
  6. Click the Upload Emoji purple button, to finally upload the emoji you want.

You can upload any 256kb or smaller in size image or GIF that you want. Upload ones with a clean, transparent backdrop to fit in with the rest of the Discord UI for the best result.

How to add custom emojis to a Discord server on Android and iOS?

Following are steps to add custom emojis to the Discord App.

  1. Go to your Discord server settings.
  2. Go to your server.
  3. Tap the ⠇(three-dot) button.
  4. Click the gear-shaped Settings button.
  5. Go to the Emoji tab.
  6. Click Upload Emoji (button).

How and where to Get custom Discord emojis?

If you haven’t discovered any of the emojis that you want to use for your discord server, you might want to try There are a few good websites where you can get pixel-perfect photos that you can then publish to your Discord channel.

Additionally, you can make an a.png version of a picture you like using an editing tool, and resize it to make it under 256kb using a resizing application.

You can find new emojis for your Discord server in a variety of ways. It sometimes requires slight ingenuity!

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