How to Convert YouTube Video to Mp3 on Android and iPhone?

Google provides a variety of services to users. Google has built a massive user base over the years and it isn’t only the search engine that is growing rapidly.

Youtube is one of the most well-known Google platforms for video streaming websites in the world. The video hosting program is accessible for both android and iPhone users, and it allows users not only to play but also to post a video.

YouTube has not only contains entertainment and gaming videos, but it also has the biggest music collection and a variety of music videos. Maybe there were times when you wished to just save your beloved audio track on your smartphone for offline listening.

Unfortunately, Youtube does not allow users to download a video. Youtube only allowed users to save the video file in an offline directory of the app. By chance, if you log into a different account you will lose your download file that was saved in your offline directory in a youtube app.

It’s better for you, the preferable option is to convert the youtube video to Mp3. Afterwards, you can play it with your favourite music player. And you can do this on both android and iPhone.

How To Convert a YouTube Video to MP3 Using Android?

It`s very easy to convert a youtube video to mp3 using android, we just need a third-party app. There are many apps on android that can we download and use. Remember, there were many apps on the google play store but always considered more than 4-star rating apps and check their audience feedback.

Follow these steps below,

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Download (Mp3 youtube video downloader) and Install.
  3. Search the video or song you wish to download.
  4. On the Right Side of the video thumbnail, you will see the Download Option. Just click on it.
  5. When the download is finished, it will be accessible for offline viewing on your device.

After that, you don’t need any extra steps to convert youtube videos to Mp3 on android. They are easy to utilize because all of the steps are automated. Later, you can share the converted mp3 files through WhatsApp and other compatible apps.

How To Convert YouTube Video to mp3 on Android and iPhone?

The easiest way to convert youtube videos to Mp3 on Android, iPhone or iPad.

Follow the simple step:

  1. On Youtube, just copy the URL of that video.
  2. Head over, too (Youtube to MP3 converter )
  3. Paste the URL you have just copied.
  4. Simply click on Convert Button.

Let the conversion complete. When it’s done, it’ll provide you with a link to download your converted file (Mp3 format). Then download it and save it on your iPhone and iPad.

Transfer the downloaded mp3 files from computer to iPhone and iPad in four simple ways,

1. iCloud Drive

It securely saves all of your data in Apple’s online servers and syncs it throughout your iPhone and iPad. When you’re using Mac OS, you can access iCloud using the Finder program.

If you are using a Windows PC, however, you may access your iCloud Drive by going into the authorized iCloud website in a search engine. Once in iCloud, build a separate folder called ‘Music,’ and then upload the music file.

When it’s uploaded, it would be automatically synced to your iPhones and pads. iCloud provides 5GB of storage free of cost. But, if you feel you’re running out of storage capacity, users can still subscribe to their premium paid plans, which are, in my opinion, are not overpriced.

2. Cloud Storage Or Google Drive

If you are not willing to use an iCloud. The best-preferred option is to transfer your downloaded file from your PC to Google Drive and afterwards download it all from the app on your iPhone or iPad. Each Google account comes with a capacity of 15 GB as default storage, which is used across all Google products, including Google Drive.

3. AirDrop

In a Macbook, simply transfer files wirelessly from your Macbook to your iPhone and iPad by using Airdrop.

4. Send an e-Mail to yourself

Emailing the downloaded mp3 file to yourself is the quickest and safest method. It simply takes a few seconds, and you don’t have to type a topic or message. I mean, all you have to do is attach the mp3 file and send it to yourself. After it has been sent, you may quickly download it on your iPhone by using the mail app.

By using these, simple steps you can easily convert your youtube video to Mp3 on android or iPhone.

Premium Subscription of YouTube Music

YouTube Music (Premium) is a premium service that allows you to easily stream, listen to, & save mp3 music from YouTube to iPhone and Android. Really, no converting nor uploading needed to be done.

All you have to do is get the official YouTube Music app for your iPhone or Android and sign up for the premium subscription.

YouTube Music Premium costs $9.99 a month with a one-month free trial, which is well worth the money because it not only provides an ad-free experience. It also allows you to save Mp3 music from YouTube to iPhone to hear offline.


That only the YouTube Music app on your iPhone will allow you to listen to music saved from YouTube Music Premium when offline. It won’t be added to Apple Music or your iTunes music library automatically.

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