Huawei and Google have settled the Nexus 6P mobile phone bricks, and need to pay $9.75 million.

Huawei and Google have settled the Nexus 6P: According to The Verge, Google and Huawei reached a preliminary settlement on the class action lawsuit of Nexus 6P users, who said their phones would be randomly shut down due to boot problems, regardless of power.

The class action began in April 2017. According to the agreement, Google and Huawei need to pay $9.75 million for this, and the plaintiff in the case can get a maximum of $400. Next, as long as the court approves the settlement at the May 9 hearing, US users who purchased the Nexus 6P on or after 25 September 2015, will be eligible to apply for a payment.

Nexus 6P is an Android smartphone launched by Google in 2015 and Huawei’s foundry. It is equipped with a 5.7-inch 2K screen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor platform.

Such collective claims are not uncommon. LG has suffered a class action lawsuit against G4, G5, V10, V20, and Nexus 5X. In January 2018, LG was awarded $425 for each affected user or $700 for a discount.

Source: TechWeb

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