Huawei announces EMUI 12 discretley with redesigned UI and new customizations

For more than a year, Huawei has been focusing on HarmonyOS. The company has been trying to transition older phones sold in China from EMUI to HarmonyOS, while newer handsets come preloaded with the new operating system.

If you thought Huawei was done with EMUI, think again, since EMUI 12 has been discreetly released.

Yes, EMUI 12 is already official and has an upgraded UI and plenty of customizations available. Huawei is keeping EMUI alive for smartphones launched outside of China with the release of the next version of its Android derivative. The following are the new features and modifications in EMUI 12:

Huawei announces EMUI 12 Interface

A More Simplified, Minimalist, and Realistic User Interface

EMUI 12 features a realistic and simple interface. “the innovative interface design brings the digital world to life,” Huawei claims. For a clean design, the interface uses three major colors: white, black, and blue.

Huawei claims that the animation is inspired by how heavenly objects move in the cosmos. This is evident in the way the language selection page is created, with each language structured like a spherical, as well as the synchronization animation, which resembles a heavenly object spinning around another.

Font Personalization

In EMUI 12, users will be able to alter not just the text size but also its weight using a slider. This allows you to select the most pleasurable viewing experience.

Huawei EMUI 12 Control Panel

Control Panel with Easy Access

Users will be able to simply access a control panel from wherever they are on the screen with the latest version of EMUI. Users will be able to manage playback, access Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings, as well as shortcuts and connected devices on Device+, using the control panel.


Device+ is a feature that allows Huawei devices to collaborate easily. By tapping the MatePad symbol, you may collaborate with the Matepad on several screens. On the tablet’s screen, users will be able to make calls, send messages, and see photographs from their phones.

You can edit your phone files on your PC by pressing the MateBook symbol, and you can watch videos from your phone on the large screen by tapping the Huawei Vision icon.
Switch audio playing from the MatePad or Huawei Vision to the connected earphones by tapping the headset icon.


Huawei MeeTime

MeeTime is Huawei’s video calling app, which was revealed in March 2020 as one of the features of EMUI 10.1. Users may now easily switch calls from their phone to the Huawei Vision in the updated version of the app.

Fast & Long-Term Performance

EMUI 12 is said to be quick since web pages and applications load as you scroll. It also guarantees that reaction speed and program launch will be as seamless as they have always been, even after extended use.


When utilizing Multi-screen Collaboration, EMUI 12 will allow users to unlock their phones from their laptops. They’ll also be able to add their wristwatch to their phone’s trusted devices list.

There is no word on which devices will receive the EMUI 12 upgrade, nor on when it will be released. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.

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