Huawei information leak cost career minister uk

Huawei leak: British Prime Minister Theresa May has fired the post of Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson for disclosing information about the country’s cooperation with the Chinese company Huawei.

What is known?

The leak was discovered when an article appeared in the Daily Telegraph that the UK plans to use Huawei technology in the “non-core” parts of its 5G infrastructure.

Immediately after the publication of the article, an investigation began in the National Security Council that proved Gavin Williamson’s involvement in the dissemination of confidential information.

In a letter to Williamson, May wrote that she should be able to trust people in her office to be able to have frank personal conversations.

The former Minister of Defense himself denies his guilt in the incident and asks for an additional investigation. However, Penny Maudaunt was already appointed to take his place, becoming the first woman to serve as the British Secretary of Defense.

Source: Engadget

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