Huawei is ready to sell 5G chips, but only consider selling it to Apple

Huawei is ready to sell 5G chips to Apple: 5G has been watching the market for more than a year. Major mobile phone manufacturers and operators have used 5G as a technology hotspot.

In April of this year, the first 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 was officially launched, and the Korean 5G network was officially commercialized.

At present, Huawei and Samsung have released 5G mobile phones. Xiaomi, OPPO, and Jiajia have also announced that they will launch. 5G mobile phones, after all, Qualcomm and Samsung have already developed the strength of 5G baseband, but in contrast, Apple, because Intel’s lack of force led to 5G iPhone has not been settled, Apple has yet to announce any news about its 5G products because Apple has no 5G chips available.

Huawei is ready to sell  5G chips to Apple

For now, Intel is clearly lagging behind in the development of 5G baseband, which makes Apple not necessarily able to come up with a 5G iPhone before 2021.

Although Intel officially stated that it will provide customers with the 5G communication baseband XMM8160 as scheduled in 2020, the stability and performance issues are still very worrying. It is rumored that Apple has lost patience with Intel.

The only good news now is that Intel officially stressed that it will provide customers with the 5G communication baseband XMM8160 as scheduled in 2020. However, some media reported that Apple has lost confidence in Intel for some cooperation reasons.

It seems that in addition to the self-developed baseband, Apple’s only choice is to purchase 5G chips from Huawei. As a result, the iPhone we use in the future will also be made in China!

Just recently, according to foreign media reports, Huawei intends to sell 5G chips to the outside world and sell them only to Apple! For now, Apple’s purchase of Huawei’s 5G chip is very likely, because Apple has used 5G baseband chips for Qualcomm and Samsung, and was eventually rejected. Huawei is exporting its own 5G baseband chip Balong 5000, and the customer has only one company – Apple.

Huawei is ready to sell  5G chips to Apple

At present, Apple has established a research and development base in the city where Qualcomm headquarters is located. It should be intentionally to research 5G chips. However, if Apple abandons its own 5G chips, the only remaining hope can only be placed on Huawei.

Source: Sina

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