Huawei MatePad 2 Pro offers unexpected experience in multi-screen collaboration

Huawei recently made an official announcement that the MatePad 2 Pro would be released on June 2, along with the Huawei Watch 3 and the P50-series, all of which will feature the HarmonyOS operating system. Moreover, MatePad 2 Pro is going to introduce a new second-generation Huawei M-Pencil.

Huawei went with One Touch Pass online in December 2018. Huawei began rolling out mobile computer multi-screen collaboration in September 2019. Huawei launched Mobile Tablet Multi-Screen Collaboration in November 2019. Huawei continues to innovate and introduce new features less than two years after introducing multi-screen synergy.

This time around on the MatePad 2 Pro, there is still a breakthrough in the tablet’s multi-screen compatibility, bringing the experience of Huawei’s three-piece set even closer. Hua Hegang, president of the mobile phone consumer company Huawei, said:

“This time, we will bring the new generation of Huawei MatePad Pro with HarmonyOS and the second generation of the Huawei M-Pencil stylus. In September 2019, Huawei officially launched Multi-Screen Collaboration, breaking the barriers between systems and leading a new way to integrate cell phones and PC systems. 2 months later, we brought Multi-Screen Collaboration to cell phones and tablets, enabling cell phones to “split” into tablets and reconfigure the interactive experience. What other unexpected multi-screen collaboration experience will be revealed at the launch event!”

Although the new MatePad Pro 2 generation will presumably arrive in two models of Huawei with a 12.2-inch screen and a 12.6-inch screen, both of which enable high refresh rates. The new MatePad Pro will also include an 8GB of RAM with a Kirin 9000 series CPU.

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