Huawei may be left without its own Kirin chips and is already losing markets in Europe and Asia

Cooperation with Huawei was refused by retailers and operators, and also by ARM, which owns the rights to processor architecture for smartphones.

In recent years, perhaps, everyone is watching the situation with the US and the Chinese company Huawei. After all,  many have machines with the brand, and someone thought about her purchase (but, rather, has changed his mind). News continues to come from over the hill, but they are not entirely good.     

And without chips, too?

ARM, which owns the rights to processor architectures for smartphones and other mobile devices, also decided to refuse  Huawei cooperation. Although she is from Britain, she uses technologies of American origin in her work, and therefore intends to strictly observe the US bans.

Among the employees, they spread a memo with the request to suspend work with Huawei and its subsidiaries on all active contracts, technical support and any agreements awaiting decision-making”.  

If this gap is long-term, Huawei’s own processors will not be seen. The fact is that its division HiSilicon licenses the core architecture from ARM for its Kunpeng server processors and Kirin mobile platforms. Perhaps Kirin 985 will still have time to release, but the fate of further models is already in question.

“We value our close relationships with partners but recognize the pressure that some of them are subject to as a  result of politically motivated decisions. We are confident that this regrettable situation can be resolved, and our priority remains the continued supply of technologies and world-class products to our customers around the world”,  said on this in Huawei.   

Who refuses?

Meanwhile, the company continues to lose customers. For example, in the  UK, mobile operators EE and Vodafone have stopped accepting pre-orders for  Huawei Mate 20 × 5G, sales of which were to begin in late May. They fear that the smartphone will not be able to get the full version of Android.

In  Japan, they also postponed the release of several models, and in Singapore and the Philippines, they are selling off stocks, refusing new supplies and exchanging devices. In  Spain, they have not yet made a final decision, but they fear for the future of Chinese-made products.

Supplemented: Looks like the company was also expelled from the SD  Card Association. Official comments yet, but on the  Huawei, the site is no longer in the list of members of the consortium. If this is the case, the manufacturer’s smartphones will no longer be able to use SD memory cards  (for smartphones, microSD). 

However,  last year the company presented its own format of NM Card (Nano-Memory) memory cards.

Source: The Verge , Reuters

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