Huawei P30 released the first climax of the future image night to ignite the fashion magic capital

Huawei P30 Future Image Night: On the second day of the National Bank’s press conference, on the evening of April 12, Huawei held the “P30 Future Image Night” event in Shanghai, creating a visual and artistic visual feast.

Huawei P30 Future Image Night

The event was hosted by the famous host Xie Nan, and many media, talents and opinion leaders from fashion, art, technology and other fields gathered to share the fashion charm and image strength of Huawei P30 series. It is reported that this is the first time that Huawei has created a fashion art event.

Huawei P30 Future Image Night

Huawei’s consumer CEO Yu Chengdong made opening remarks on the event. He said: “The perfect integration of technology, fashion and art is the product philosophy of Huawei P series. Huawei P series has always been the mainstay of photography, and photography is the means to discover the beauty and create beauty. High-end, fashion, and youthfulness have always been the development direction of the Huawei brand. We hope that each generation of P series can add some high-end, fashionable and young elements. We hope that Huawei’s technology research and development DNA will continue to be combined with fashion and art, and use technology to create more life for everyone. How wonderful.”

Huawei P30 Future Image Night

At the event, Su Tingting, director of Huawei’s mobile phone Brand Image, shared the attitude and aesthetic core of Huawei’s P30 series in exploring fashion aesthetics. In Su Tingting’s view, “Huawei wants to rewrite not only the order of photography but also the new aesthetic logic. Huawei P series users are a group of self-assertion, there is attitude, style, and even some picky people. Therefore, Huawei P series phones persist in using the “aesthetics of science and technology,” the language and these people communicate. ”

Su Tingting said: “Huawei P series has always represented our aesthetic highland. On the Huawei P series, we carry a lot of thoughts about our brand, aesthetics, and design. Today, the role of mobile phones has become more and more diverse. It is no longer a single tool, it is no longer a cold technology product, it is more and more like the attribute of luxury goods. It makes us yearn, care, expect and discuss. It can help you to express yourself better, show confidence.”

She believes that “inspiration, style, and possibility are the core of the entire P series aesthetics, and the starting point and origin of all actions. We hope that when you pick up the P series mobile phone, the gesture is a sense of distance, but When your palms are intimately fitted with it, there is a very comfortable grip, so in the design process of the P30 series, our designers are very careful to scrutinize the R angle of each contour. Huawei hopes to bring People’s color mood is bright and positive, so when designing red tea orange, we add warm colors to the whole color. When a flamboyant orange is blended with brown color, it can set off your good. Taste, but will not grab your limelight. The sky is based on the P20 series aurora color, the color is gently pulled to a shallower range, compared with this view of the sea and sky, We also hope that she can bring you a feeling of self-confidence and relaxation.”


Subsequently, He Gang, president of Huawei’s consumer mobile phone product line, talked about Peng Yulun and Muxi, and the two artists made a profound interpretation of “future images” from the perspective of video art.

It is understood that “Eye of the Future” is the first sci-fi visual blockbuster produced by the famous visual director Peng Yulun with Huawei P30 Pro. Peng Yulun said that the filming of “Eye of the Future” really abandoned all external cameras and external devices, and only used the camera provided by Huawei P30 Pro itself. Throughout the process of creation, I felt equality, that is, the equality of human beings and all living beings. I feel that the development of science and technology is slowly developing, let us slowly abandon the narrowness, let us become more aware of love, and love is the greatest technology.

Photographer Muxi also shared his own experience with the “future image”. He believes: “Huawei P30 series has given me a lot of creative freedom. The creation of images is different from other art forms. It can happen anywhere, anytime. At this time, the camera is relatively heavy for us, and the function is relatively simple . We have no reason and no need to bring it every day, but when such a scene appears, there must be a device around you to seize the inspiration of this moment. At the time, the value of the Huawei P30 series has been greatly enhanced. Whether it is zooming from 16mm to 1300mm, it can still support HDR for a long time during the day, or it is very clear in extremely dark scenes. We are free .”

Muxi believes that “from the perspective of an industry observer, the ‘future image’ must have been born in the public, and the role of the Huawei P30 series is to empower ordinary people and help you to feel the touch around you anytime, anywhere. Greatly enhance the creative enthusiasm of ordinary users. Under the influence of Huawei P30 series of video technology, everyone can become an artist.”

According to He Gang, Huawei’s annual investment in research and development exceeds 10% of revenue. In the past few years, Huawei has invested hundreds of billions of R&D.

“We hope to present a more fashionable ID design on the P-series, and also hope to provide a more convenient tool for consumers who love photography to record our lives. I hope that the P-series will bring you a better life and convenience. The experience of using, while consumers can also use our excellent mobile phone products to experience the bit by bit of life and freedom, equality and love in life, which is the value of Huawei P series technology products .” He Gang said.

Huawei P30 Future Image Night

Wang Chaoge, a famous director and artist who has directed the Huawei P20 series conference, also attended the event. As the co-creator of the future video art, Wang Chaoge and Huawei leaders and many artists on the scene jointly opened the “future image” moment.

Wang Chaoge said, “Better technology can continuously break through the boundaries of artistic creation, let art have a better expression. And it must have a place in the spiritual field of human beings, and it can also help us to constantly improve our thinking, wisdom, and curiosity. The Huawei P30 series breaks through the eyes of the human eye with a more intelligent image, helping humans to expand and reach the places that the spirit wants to reach, allowing me to see the invisible beauty and achieve a more free expression.”

In order to let the user experience the improvement brought by the P30 series super-sensing sensor and more intuitively feel the dark-skinning effect, Huawei built a creative dark light studio on the scene – super-sensitized garden. The light environment of the entire studio was very dark, and only some basic footlights were provided. The guests went in and even could not see each other’s faces.

Huawei P30 Future Image Night Huawei P30 Future Image Night Huawei P30 Future Image Night

In the dark light studio, Huawei created a beautiful botanical garden, placed a lot of very interesting plant furnishings, and sprinkled with faint phosphors that are difficult to see by the human eye. It is understood that the garden is very elegant, the garden is built to simulate the tropical rain forest, and the spread of the phosphor is strictly in accordance with the standard setting of the P30 series.

Through the on-site experience, in such a dark environment, the general mobile phone cannot shoot the image at all, but the Huawei P30 Pro can easily shoot beautiful and beautiful movies, seeing is believing and shocking.

In addition, Huawei P30’s future video night scene also set up a full-scenes interactive experience zone, Huawei’s GENTLE MONSTER brand launched artificial intelligence glasses exhibition area and Huawei P30 Pro limited edition display area, creating a Huawei full scene immersive experience.

Huawei P30 Future Image Night

Among them, the Huawei P30 Pro limited edition package contains a Huawei P30 series mobile phone and a cherry color shaded star and star diamond protective case. Xia Ying yarn and star diamond protective shell surface is set with more than 10,000 crystals, crystal clear, and the fashion temperament of Huawei P30 series complement each other.

Not only that, the limited edition gift box is wrapped with a black ribbon on the surface, the high-grade black velvet lining inside the gift box, and the silver English “A MOMENT IN TIME NEVER FORGOTTEN” in the flip cover witnesses your important moment. When you open the box, you can smell the fragrance card in the box. The scent is high-grade.

Huawei P30 Future Image Night is not only a visual feast of fashion and art but also a showcase of Huawei’s P-series to the fashion art field. Huawei, which is leading the way in science and technology, has created its own icon in the field of fashion art.

In recent years, the progress of Huawei P series imaging technology has continuously broken through the boundaries of fashion art. Today, Huawei is pushing the integration of technology and art to the extreme. With the Huawei P30 series, perhaps everyone can become an artist.

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