Huawei WI-FI AX3 sale on AliExpress: a router with support for Wi-Fi 6 Plus, Huawei Share and data transfer speeds of up to 3000 Mbit / s for $66

On AliExpress, they started selling the global version of the Huawei WI-FI AX3 router.

Huawei WI-FI AX3 Specifications

The device boasts support for the Wi-Fi 6 Plus standard. It was created by Huawei based on the existing Wi-Fi 6 technology by combining the Gigahome 650 chip with special software. The new standard increases the speed of data transmission, as well as improves penetration through the wall.

  • Huawei WI-FI AX3 1
  • Huawei WI-FI AX3 2
  • Huawei WI-FI AX3 3

The Huawei WI-FI AX3 runs on a quad-core processor. The new product also has 256 MB of internal memory and four antennas. The router also has support for two bands (2.4/5 GHz), data transfer speeds of up to 3000 Mbit / s and proprietary Huawei Share technology.

Thanks to it, you can bring a Huawei smartphone with NFC to the device and it will automatically connect to the network without entering a password. It is configured by Huawei WI-FI AX3 via a proprietary application.

Huawei WI-FI AX3 Price

Huawei WI-FI AX3 now on sale on AliExpress at a promotional price of $66. This offer will be valid for another day. Then they will ask for more than $100 for the device.

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