iPad Air 2022 to use LCD display instead of OLED

For a long time, we’ve heard that the 2022 iPad Air would include an OLED display. Apple appears to have opted to stay with an LCD panel for the iPad Air next year.

Apple has decided to stick with an LCD panel for the iPad Air next year, according to Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple has ‘canceled its intentions to deliver an OLED iPad Air in 2022 because the performance and pricing did not fulfill Apple’s criteria,’ according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

The present iPad Air has an LCD panel, which Apple is expected to maintain in the following year’s edition to keep the price of the gadget the same.

We don’t expect the design of next year’s iPad Air to differ significantly from the present model; Apple updated the iPad Air’s design in 2020, and it now resembles the iPad Pro.

We may expect an updated processor, additional RAM, and possibly new cameras in the next year’s model.

The present model has Touch ID on the power button; we’re curious if Apple will include Face ID in the iPad Air next year or retain it for their Pro versions.

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