iPhone 13 Launch: Expected to launch in September

iPhone 13 Launch: It is expected to be launched in September! The top version sells for more than 60,000 becoming the most expensive in history.

The iPhone 13 of 2021 is expected to be released in September. According to a report from the well-known website “MacRumors“, the possibility of an upgrade of the iPhone 13 will not be too great. In terms of functions, it will be the same as the 2020 iPhone.

It will adopt a portless design that relies entirely on wireless charging, and there will be some upgrades in appearance and configuration. At the same time, the price will be the most expensive in history.

The well-known 3C analysis website “IT Home” in mainland also released a rendering of what is said to be the appearance of the iPhone 13 Pro. The appearance of the new iPhone 13 Pro will still provide the sea blue color of the previous generation, and the square camera interface will also be retained.

In terms of camera design, the camera surface of the iPhone 13 Pro will be blackened, making the back of the phone more integrated. In addition, the bulge of the camera module will also increase compared to the iPhone 12, which indicates that the image may be improved.

The report also mentioned that some sources said that the front lens will also be reduced in 2021 because the receiver at the top of the screen has been repositioned on the edge of the housing.

The screen will be upgraded to a Samsung LTPO screen, which supports a 120 Hz automatic refresh rate, and brings intelligent adjustment of the screen refresh rate function, which automatically switches between 1-120 Hz and brings a power-saving effect.

It is currently expected that the new iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s will be unveiled in September this year. The screen and camera will become the focus of upgrades, but the price will also rise. The top version may be priced at 15,000 yuan, about $2290, became the most expensive iPhone in history.

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