iPhone 14 may have storage option of up to 2TB

Although the iPhone 14 series is still a year away, rumours about the next-generation iPhones have already begun to circulate online, with the most recent suggesting that Apple will double the maximum storage on next year’s iPhones.

This year, Apple increased the maximum capacity on the iPhone 13 to 1TB on the Pro and Pro Max models. And, if the source is correct, the iPhone 14 series will include 2TB of QLC storage.

The source doesn’t name any specific models, but if Apple is intending to offer 2TB storage, it will most likely be on the Pro and Pro Max versions, with the remaining models’ capacity likely to expand from 512GB to 1TB.

We don’t have any idea why Apple decided to increase the maximum storage space on next year’s iPhones, although additional camera functions could be one reason for the hike.

After all, recording ProRes footage in 4K resolution at 30 fps requires at least 256GB of storage on this year’s Pro and Pro Max models. 1080p 30 FPS ProRes videos are limited to the 128GB version.

Nevertheless, because this material isn’t from Apple, we recommend treating it with caution. After all, the iPhone 14 lineup is still a few months away from release, and plans can always change before the final product is launched.

Source: 1, Image Credit: FrontPageTech

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