iPhone 14 Pro Versions with iOS 16.1 Beta Breaking GPS

Owners of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max must be aware that the iOS 16.1 Beta Breaking GPS, it is preventing the GPS from operating properly on many users’ devices.

Someone who depends on location tracking, for now they should stay away from the beta versionĀ  update.

Beta versions usually have bugs, but this issue affects the Apple iPhone‘s core functionality. Nudging us to share the warning about the same.

Users who have already opted and installed the iOS 16.1 beta versions in their Apple iPhone 14 Pro models must remove the update. Downgrading to iOS 16.0.1 or wait until a future iOS 16.1 beta fixes the problem. The cause of the bug is still unknown.

iPhone 14 Pro Models support dual-frequency GPS, just like the Apple Watch Ultra. This indicates that iPhone can pick up GPS satellite signals operating on both the legacy and the higher-power frequencies, L1 frequency, and L5 frequency. That can flawlessly travel through the obstacles such as trees and buildings.

Improved precision in mapping apps and other related apps may come from the combination of the two signals.

Users who have iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus don’t have to worry about this as these models lack the capability for dual-frequency GPS, that’s why this problem doesn’t exist in these models.

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