iPhone foldable phone has a big exposure, 90Hz+35W fast charge, super battery life!

We all know that the design of iPhone phones generally hasn’t changed much. And it is precise because of this that some consumers switch to buying Android flagship phones.

Although the iPhone mobile phone system has a very large fluency advantage, the system fluency of Android flagship phones is gradually improving, and it can even be comparable to iOS.

Therefore, with the convergence of system fluency, Apple Cook wants the iPhone to go further and can only work hard on the appearance. As a result, a rendering of an iPhone folding phone was recently exposed on the Internet.

Through this set of renderings of folding iPhone phones, we can see that its exterior design is very stunning and innovative.

iPhone foldable phone 2

Like the folding method of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the iPhone foldable phone also folds inward in the middle, which is also equivalent to the previous flip phone style. This design can not only take care of the full screen but also allows the user to carry and store it in the pocket very conveniently, which is very good.

iPhone foldable phone 3

iPhone foldable Phone Specification

It is reported that the screen of the iPhone folding phone is a 6.1-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate on the screen. Therefore, compared to the iPhone without a high refresh rate screen, the iPhone foldable phone has a better display effect, and the picture quality and operation and feel are more amazing.

The back of it continues to use the matrix camera layout in the upper left corner, but the iPhone foldable phone has four rear cameras instead of three cameras.

The pixels of the rear lens are 16 million pixels, 16 million pixels, 12 million pixels, and 12 million pixels. There is also a secondary screen below, which can carry some simple information, such as calendar or weather and other short messages.

iPhone foldable phone 4

In terms of core configuration, the iPhone folding phone is equipped with Apple’s new-generation processor A15 chip, using a 5nm process, with very good performance and power consumption.

It is also equipped with 8GB of running memory and 256GB of storage memory, especially 8GB of running memory. This is the first time in the history of the iPhone, which is very amazing and makes people look forward to it.

iPhone foldable phone 6

Of course, because it is equipped with an Apple A15 chip with 5G networking capabilities, the iPhone foldable phone is also a 5G phone, and dual-card dual-standby should also be supported, making it more suitable for Chinese consumers.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone foldable mobile phone has a built-in large battery of nearly 4000mAh, and also supports 35W flash charging and 20W wireless charging. This is also the most powerful battery configuration in the history of Apple mobile phones, which is shocking.

If the above information is true, would you buy such a folding iPhone? Welcome to comment and leave a message to express your opinion.

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