Is it Safe to Download APK Applications on Android

Despite the fact that Google Play is the only Android app store promoted by Google itself, users are free to choose where to download the software from. It can be like one of the proprietary catalogs offered by manufacturers like AppGallery or Galaxy Apps.

Or maybe an unofficial one like APKMirror or APKPure, which offer application installation files for download absolutely free.

Including if they are not available for download on Google Play in your region. But is it safe to download the APK? Let’s try to figure it out.

APKs are application installation files that are downloaded from the side.

To begin with, an APK is just an application installation file. Accordingly, you need to install it yourself, unlike the software from Google Play, which is installed automatically and does not leave any traces behind.

But if it is not difficult to take one additional step to install the application, then many people forget that the APK needs to be removed after installation. As a result, there can be so many of them that they start to take up a fair amount of onboard storage.

Is APKPure Safe

apk pure site

APKPure turned out to be unsafe for users

As far as security is concerned, this is a moot point. Many people think that downloading APKs on the internet is quite dangerous.

You never know who and what can be stuffed there. Indeed, for an experienced hacker, it will not be difficult to add malicious trackers or scripts to the application installation file.

As a result, you can easily become a victim of virus infection and lose either your data or, even worse, financial savings.

But this is if you download the APK from unreliable sources. But on well-known sites with security problems usually do not happen.

True, this week a built-in virus was found in the APKPure client (this APK site has its own directory application as Google Play does).

How he got there, no one knows. But the fact is that either one of the service employees uploaded it there, or the service itself was hacked.

Moreover, the second option is still the priority. In his favor is indirectly evidenced by the fact that quite recently the German smartphone manufacturer Gigaset underwent a similar hack, on whose servers hackers downloaded a virus and began to spread it under the guise of an update.

Viruses in APKPure

The virus from the APKPure mobile client is hidden in only one assembly – 3.17.18. He installs other applications on his victims’ smartphones automatically. These are mainly adware and phishing software.


A Trojan horse was found in APKPure. It is unpleasant

It turns out that cybercriminals simultaneously earn both from viewing (and, most likely, from clicks) advertising, and at the same time from stealing money.

Such applications often replace authorization pages in banking applications and websites, fraudulently pulling data from the user to access the financial account.

Right now, the only way to keep yourself safe from malware is not to download the APKPure mobile client.

Another thing is that no one guarantees that malicious scripts cannot be embedded in the installation files of applications that you download on the site itself.

Therefore, I would – at least for a while – give up using APKPure altogether, betting on APKMirror. This resource has never been caught in anything like that, so there is more trust in it. Perhaps even more than Google Play.

So, is it safe to download the APK? In my opinion, yes. After all, even Google Play is not protected from malware penetration, which, in my opinion, is even worse.

After all, most users are sure that Google Play has only safe software that they download, not really understanding its origin. Users are more careful with third-party sources like APKMirror.


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