Is the new iPhone 2019 to support two-way reversible wireless charging?

iPhone 2019 two-way wireless charging: The rumor that the new iPhone supports two-way wireless charging in 2019 seems to be getting more and more conclusive.

On Monday, Apple’s industry chain analyst Guo Minghao’s latest report shows that the battery capacity of the three iPhones will increase in 2019, and the iPhone XS successor will increase the battery capacity by 20-25%. In addition, the 2019 version of the iPhone will support two-way wireless charging, which means that the iPhone can also charge other devices.

This is not the first time Guo Mingxi broke the news about the battery and charging technology of the iPhone in 2019. In February, Mr. Guo predicted that the 2019 version of the three iPhones still uses the 2018 flagship specification and support reverse charging technology. And the battery capacity will increase, but the specific battery information is not mentioned in the report at the time.

The latest report not only mentions the new iPhone battery increase and two-way charging but also gives a list of suppliers, including Xinwangda, Desai and Sinpu. The new 5.8″ OLED, 6.5″ OLED iPhone battery capacity increased by 20–25% and 10–15%, respectively, while the 6.1-inch iPhone battery capacity may increase slightly, about 0–5%, considering the same 6.1-inch screen iPhone The life of the XR battery itself is very good, so it is more reasonable to upgrade the new positioning in 2019.

Two-way wireless charging technology is not black technology, Huawei Mate 20 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 has been the first to use, you can turn the phone into a power supply device to charge the Bluetooth headset and other small battery-wearing devices, since Apple has always wanted to show With the efforts of the wireless world, it is inevitable to keep up with this technology trend. The increase in battery capacity and support for two-way charging are mutually complementary because reverse charging of the iPhone necessarily requires a larger battery.

In addition to Guo’s prediction, Japan’s Apple News blog Macotakara also predicted in March that the iPhone will be equipped with two-way wireless charging in 2019 to wirelessly charge other devices. Macotakara often reports on Apple’s related hardware development information, and the news is very reliable.

The new AirPods wireless charging box is likely to be compatible with the reverse wireless charging of the new iPhone, and according to Chinese suppliers, future Apple Watch can be charged in this way. As you can imagine, as long as the iPhone’s battery is large enough, you can charge the Apple Watch and AirPods without a data cable.

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