Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda Printer Launched: $133 Cloud Print MFP with Text Error Recognition

Chinese electronics manufacturer Lenovo has announced a new multifunctional device (MFP).

What is known?

The model was named Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda. Outwardly, it looks like a regular printer, but in addition to printing documents, the device can also be used as a scanner and copier.

  • Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda
  • Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda 2
  • Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda 3
  • Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda 4

Interestingly, Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda supports multi-user wireless connectivity, cloud printing, document scanning from your phone, and OCR. With this technology, you can find errors in documents before printing them. By the way, the device prints at a speed of 22 pages per minute.

Price and when to expect?

Lenovo Xiaoxin Panda will start selling in China in the coming days. For a novelty, they will ask for $133. There is no information on whether such an MFP will appear on the global market.

As a reminder, Lenovo recently showed off two of its new tablets in China: the Pad Pro 2021 and the Pad Plus.

Source: Lenovo

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