LG promises Android updates by 2022

By July 31, 2021, LG wants to complete the sale and restructuring of its own devices and the expensive smartphone division. In addition, owners should be able to expect further Android updates.

For all LG smartphones that have been produced since 2019, the promise to be provided with updates in the form of new operating system versions and security patches continues to apply for at least three years. I

n detail LG calls all devices of the G and V-Series models and the Velvet and Wing. The Stylo and the K-Series from 2020 will also receive appropriate updates by 2022.

Updates up to Google Android 13 are conceivable

In the small print, the Group but leaves some room. Future updates depend on Google’s distribution plan and other factors such as device performance and compatibility from Should the hardware in the future do not meet more requirements of Android updates could to Google Android 13 fail accordingly.

The company is currently working on bringing its flagships to last year’s Android 11 . An adaptation of the Android 12 expected in autumn could therefore also be a long time coming.

LG will continue to produce smartphones until the second quarter of 2021 in order to meet contractual obligations towards network operators and partners. ” LG’s strategic decision to withdraw from the highly competitive mobile phone sector enables the company to focus resources on growth areas such as components for electric vehicles, connected devices, smart homes , robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions as well as platforms and Services focus.”

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