LG Sells unreleased Velvet 2 Pro and Folding Rollable Smartphones among its Employees

After LG decided to close the production of smartphones, it seems that it had a few models that were already ready, but were never officially released.

Give in good hands

We are talking about the Velvet 2 Pro model and the folding LG Rollable. LG has released a limited number of these gadgets, and now sells them to its employees in South Korea. This is reported by the insider @FrontTron.

According to him, data on the prices and number of units of the LG Rollable are not disclosed, but details about the Velvet 2 Pro are known. Employees are offered about 3 thousand copies with a price tag of $ 170. But there are conditions: no more than two units in one hand and not for further resale.

In addition, the devices will be provided with a 6-month hardware warranty or as long as spare parts are available, and, for obvious reasons, no software updates will be available.
The Velvet 2 Pro is available in Black, Bronze, and Ivory, and judging by the image, it looks similar to the first-generation Velvet.

Source: @FrontTron

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