Linkedin denies 500 million data leak, they denies that the private data of its members was looted

Following an article from the cybernews site, dated April 6, announcing that the data of 500 million Linkedin users are for sale, the professional social network Linkedin denied on April 8 that it was specifically involved.

Linkedin has carried out a survey and indicates that the data offered for sale that it has been able to examine is in fact an aggregation of data from a number of websites and companies.

Linkedin’s public data has been captured

The set includes data from publicly visible profiles of Linkedin members that appear to have been captured from the Linkedin site. But ” this is not a Linkedin data breach and no private member account data was included in what we were able to examine,” writes Linkedin.

The social network recalls that the collection of data from its members contradicts its terms of service. For now, the Italian data protection authority has announced that it is launching an investigation. The French CNIL did not react.

The cyber news site notes for its part that information such as names, email addresses, professional titles, and telephone numbers appear in the file that it was able to examine. This information can be used for phishing attacks or unsolicited emailing campaigns.

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