Liu Jiahu from OnePlus says, Sales of Smartphones with Colourful Design are bad.

Sales of Smartphones with Colourful Design are bad: On April 10th, Liu Jiahu, founder and CEO of Yijia, commented on the popular glass body gradient color design on Weibo. He said that from the market feedback, the most eye-catching color distribution is often unsatisfactory.

Liu Zuohu said: “Since the mobile phone has used the glass back cover, the color matching has become more and fancier. It is indeed possible to attract a lot of attention at the press conference (including the posters are also very beautiful). However, from the market data, the most eye-catching color matching is not sold. Daddy, consumers finally voted with money, which is quite interesting.”

Sales of Smartphones with Colourful Design are bad

At the same time in this Weibo comment, Liu Zuohu also revealed more market information about the color of mobile phones.

Some netizens commented: “The gradient color is generally used by young people. If you are older, you can still buy more than one color.” Liu Zuohu replied that the market data is not like this. In other words, older consumers are not excluded from the gradient, but young. People are not particularly fond of cool colors.

Some netizens tweeted: “So the electric light purple is not good to sell Tiger brother?” Liu Zuohu replied that the electro-optical purple version compared with other products, you will find that in the case of differentiation, but very restrained color.

In addition, Liu Zuohu said in the comments: ” We have always been restrained in color. Of course, we need to withstand the pressure of the market and the pressure of internal marketing .”

Liu Zuohu made this comment before the release of the 7th, and it is suspected that it is paving the way for one plus seven. In other words, one plus seven may not follow the trend to introduce too gradual or holographic color matching.

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