MacBook Pro laptop with a mechanical keyboard

Apple has long received complaints about the keyboard of its laptops. The keyboard with the “butterfly” mechanism was quickly clogged with garbage and dust, as a result of which the keys stopped working, which is why the company had to return to the old “scissor” mechanism. But one of the enthusiasts did not like the keyboard, so he simply decided to replace it.

What happened?

And the result was a MacBook Pro with a mechanical keyboard! However, for this purpose, it was necessary to cut the case, and the laptop now does not close, as the new keyboard is much thicker than usual. Of course, you could just connect the keyboard, you say, but it’s very simple.

The keyboard connects to the gadget via Bluetooth, and it even has an RGB backlight. The blogger called his creation MechBook and the keyboard-Mechgic Keyboard.

Source: YouTube

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