Made in India to the high end? The Foxconn India factory will produce iPhone X

According to foreign media reports, Foxconn may be preparing to produce iPhone X at its Chennai plant in India, which means that Indian manufacturing may soon be limited to the low-end iPhone production line.

What is known?

According to informed sources and previous rumors, Foxconn’s Chennai plant will begin production of the iPhone X in the fall of 2019. The products produced by the factory will not only supply the Indian market but will also be used for export to India.

What’s more?

At present, Foxconn’s competitor Wistron has assembled low-end models such as the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S in India. Earlier this year, a report said that in order to be able to produce Apple’s high-end smartphones, especially the iPhone X, Wistron will upgrade its Indian factory.

However, it is unclear whether Wistron will be licensed to produce Apple’s high-end smartphones. Considering that Apple’s influence in India is small, Wistron and Foxconn are unlikely to be licensed to produce Apple’s high-end equipment in India at the same time.

It is understood that the Foxconn factory is not yet ready for the production of the iPhone, and there is no necessary production equipment. According to a report by Bloomberg local time on Tuesday morning, Foxconn will invest about 300 million US dollars in the plant to prepare it to complete this project. There have been speculations that Foxconn will implement this investment.

However, Apple’s recent expansion plans in India have met many challenges, including the recent decision by the company to allow India’s anti-spam applications to log into its App Store to avoid the company’s ban on local mobile networks.

Import of Luxury Goods

A senior adviser to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also insisted that India should limit the import of luxury goods such as the iPhone and impose heavy taxes on it. This further jeopardizes the prospects for Apple’s high-end products to be sold in the Indian market.

Source: Haunqui

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