Manufacturer folding smartphone Royole is working on a smartwatch with a flexible display

Royole is working on a smartwatch: The company Royole, which previously Samsung and  Huawei released a folding smartphone Royole FlexPai, is working on another flexible device. But this is not a smartphone, and smart watches. 

What it is?

So far, Royale’s ideas are embodied only on paper  in patent applications filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO). The first patent was filed in the second half of 2017 but was published only on April 4, 2019, the second one was published in February of this year.      

Both documents describe watches with a  flexible display. In the folded state, this is a small screen, in the unfolded  almost the screen of a smartphone, on which it is convenient to type text and watch images.   

Royole is working on a smart watch

In the first case, the display opens perpendicular to the strap and is held in the folded state with the help of special magnets. The battery is built directly into the strap. In the second case, the screen unfolds parallel to the strap.

These devices are completely different from the Nubia Alpha smartwatch, whose flexible display is located along with the metal bracelet. In any case, while the development of Royole remains only patents, and whether the company decides to release such gadgets is still unknown.      

Source: Letsgodigital

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