Manufacturing cost of the Apple Watch Series 6 is only $136, Then Why does Apple charge $400 from customers?

Analysts at Counterpoint have calculated how much it costs Apple to manufacture its Watch Series 6 smartwatch.

How much?

So, the most expensive part is the Apple S6 processor with memory, which accounts for 24% of the total. By 13% take and display gadget enclosure, 12% go to the various sensors and sensors that control the state of health. The battery and wireless charging coil cost 6% of the cost.

Also included in the total figure is the assembly, testing process and software, but the latter forms only less than 1% of the total.

BoM Analysis Apple Watch Series 6

The estimated cost of the watch is $ 136. At the same time, the official price tag of Apple Watch Series 6 for stores starts at $ 400. However, the cost does not include research, advertising and other costs.

Source: Counterpoint


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