Mark Zuckerberg announced a new Facebook: updated design, focus on groups and friends

Yesterday the annual F8 conference began. On the first day of the event, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed the updated social network.

What is known?

Facebook received a fresh design on all platforms: iOS, Android and the web. All three versions have a similar appearance.

The developers decided to remove the already familiar blue panel, which was unchanged from the launch of the project in 2004. Now the blue color will remain only in the logo and accents, and the whole other palette will turn white. In general, the design of a new social network will be easier.

new Facebook

In addition to appearance, the developers of the company will focus on security, groups, and friends. For example, in the new version, the function Meet New Friends will appear (from the English “Meet new friends”). With it, users can find new friends based on their interests and preferences. Naturally, the function will be voluntary.

If we talk about groups, then at the presentation they promised to simplify interaction with them and their design. Also, an individual approach will be applied to them, depending on the subject.

When to expect?

Mobile applications will update in the coming days, and the web version will have to wait a few more months.

Source: Facebook

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