Mi Fan Festival, Xiaomi turns 9 years old today

Xiaomi turns 9 years old today. Today is the 9th anniversary of Xiaomi’s founding, and it is also the Mi Fan festival today on April 6th.

Xiaomi turns 9 years old today

It is reported that April 6, 2010, Beijing Zhongguancun Bao’an bridge Silver Valley building 807 Room, 14 people together drank drinking the Xiaomi porridge, founded Xiaomi, with the initial focus to create a custom ROM based on Google’s Android and that’s what Xiaomi’s “Mi” logo also stands for which is Mobile Internet. That means, Xiaomi is at its core a software company that later branched out to hardware.

Xiaomi company said that today, Xiaomi is 9 years old. For so many years, Xiaomi has not forgotten early heart, always believes that good things are about to happen, and users to make friends, and strive to bring more and more good products with good prices and good prices to everyone. so that more people can enjoy the fun of technology!

Xiaomi turns 9 years old today Xiaomi turns 9 years old today

Lei Jun’s speech at Tsinghua University said, “Nine years ago, at a small office in the Yingu Building on the edge of the Baofu Temple Bridge in Zhongguancun, 10 people had 7 or 8 guns, and together they drank a bowl of porridge and started to “make revolution”. People have never done manufacturing, and have never done hardware. We mainly come from Jinshan, Google, and Microsoft. We have seen a lot of people, who can’t solve the problem is that we China is the world’s manufacturing plant, but there is no real good product, the street is full of cottage mobile phones, this is what happens in China.”

Source: ItHome

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