Microsoft Edge to give Another reason to drop Google Chrome

It appears that Microsoft is busy working on a series of required serviceable updates for the Edge browser’s PDF reader.

The company announced a redesigned search feature for the Edge PDF reader at the start of the year.

However, new features found in early-access builds suggest that Edge can undergo additional improvements that could render it the preferred browser for PDF users.

The enhancements are planned to be included in a future release of Edge, which usually receives a complete stable build every four to five weeks in addition to weekly updates.

Microsoft Edge update

Microsoft is reportedly developing a variety of new PDF applications, although possibly the most welcome is a new feature that enables users to resume where they left off.

Instead of manually scrolling through a PDF or using CTRL + F searches to navigate, users would be automatically redirected to their most recent entry.

This is not, though, the only update planned for the navigation system.

The organization is actively implementing enhancements that can remove graphic inconsistencies associated with rapidly clicking through PDF papers, and a new optional sidebar can assist consumers in selecting a page centered on thumbnail photos.

Additionally, Microsoft is focusing on back-end updates to fix problems regarding text selection.

Historically, highlighting text in PDF documents has become a little tricky, and the process has varied from document to document, but recent Edge changes can increase the smoothness and accuracy of the interface.

Finally, Edge is expected to gain new features that will allow the validation of signatures on PDF papers, which will be welcomed by businesses.

At the moment, only specialised PDF applications such as Adobe Acrobat supports e-signatures, however Microsoft Edge seems to be closing the distance.

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