Minecraft AR teaser: Microsoft teases mobile Minecraft in Augmented Reality

Minecraft AR teaser: A good game does not happen much. Like Bethesda, which is porting Skyrim wherever possible, Microsoft has decided to please the players with a new version of Minecraft. This time for augmented reality.

How to play it?

At the Build 2019 conference, the developers showed a minute Minecraft AR teaser game. In it, the girl sits on a bench and accidentally picks up the smartphone of Minecraft creative director Saks Purson, finding herself in a fabulous cubic world.

The gameplay is similar to Pokemon Go: the player needs to direct the camera of the smartphone to any object and interact with it in every possible way.

If you look closely, you can see a block of bricks in the character’s inventory, which hints to us about the possibility of construction (just imagine what your city will look like a week after the release).

Microsoft itself has not yet said anything about Minecraft AR, only called the release date – May 17th. More information we learn on the site minecraft.net shortly before the game.

Source: Polygon

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